Can Canines Obtain A Bird Flu

Can Canines Obtain A Bird Flu - The Black Death was so devastating partially because modern medicine did not exist and vaccinations, antibiotics and antiviral medications were not available. Today the Bird flu has been shown to be resistant to 2 of the 4 antiviral medications on the market today (the other 2 have yet to be tested). No vaccine has been developed for this strain of Flu virus so currently the effects of the Bird Flu could be similar to those of the Black Death if it were to become rampant in the human population.

The virus that causes bird flu appears to be versatile and resilient. Scientists are working on a new vaccine that would be effective against the new strain of the virus that causes Bird flu. There are different subtypes and strains of the virus that causes bird flu, and some cause more severe disease than others. Results of the examinations for the H5N1 virus that causes bird flu are be announced later on Sunday, officials said.
Certainly the virus that causes bird flu could mutate so that it could be transmitted from human to human.

Till now, the good thing is that the flu virus is mainly confined to birds, but has started to show sign of infecting other animals such as pigs. Almost all the human infected have come in contact with infected birds through the process of rearing, cooking, eating, or feeding the birds. What influenza experts is very concern now is whether avian bird flu can spread from human to human, as this will be a very disastrous thing to happen. If this happens, this would kick start the development of a bird flu pandemic.

Viral infections that cause respiratory problems are called influenza, or flu for short. These include avian or bird flu viruses, which exist naturally in the gut of wild birds without causing any trouble. They are, however, highly contagious and spread very fast. If domestic birds (such as chickens, ducks and turkeys) are in contact with the wild birds and get infected, they become very sick indeed, probably because they're less hardy.

Avian flu updates concerning human cases reported by WHO from Indonesia in August 2006 tell us that of the 60 confirmed cases to date, 46 have been fatal. Avian flu updates from China; 21 confirmed cases including 14 fatalities. The WHO's 2006 bird flu watch reports H5N1 presence in wild birds and poultry. Thus far, the virus has been found only in wild birds in Europe, but outbreaks continue to occur in poultry throughout the continents of Asia and Africa.

The best prevention of the bird flu is a strong immune system. Exercise the body and the lungs. Look for a natural antiviral supplement. While modern scientist search for a vaccine, we have natural remedies that we can employ. Colloidal silver is known to kill bacteria and virus.

The virus has been identified in 12 states, including the largest city, Lagos, as well as around the federal capital, Abuja, since it was first confirmed in Nigeria four months ago.

For children of 1 year of age or older the dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. It is usually between 30 and 75 mg two times a day for five days. For children up to 1 year of age, use and dose is determined by the doctor. For adults and for teenagers of 13 years of age or older the prescribed dose is 75 mg once a day for at least seven days. For children up to 13 years of age use and dose is determined by the doctor.

The avian influenza virus is mainly found in birds, birds normally found in Asia. This disease is highly contagious and severely lethal to birds. The risk of a human catching this disease is very low, however as we have seen it can happen. Therefore it is good to know how the disease can be transmitted therefore we can avoid the risk of catching it. Most cases of humans catching the bird flu are as a result of coming in contact with infected poultry (domesticated chicken, ducks, or turkeys). This includes and is not limited to secretions or excretions from the infected animal. Cases of contamination from person to person are very rare but have occurred especially in cases of family members living in close quarters.
Can Canines Obtain A Bird Flu
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