Bird Flu Why Modern Medicine Wont Save Us

Bird Flu Why Modern Medicine Wont Save Us -The Black Death was so devastating partially because modern medicine did not exist and vaccinations, antibiotics and antiviral medications were not available. Today the Bird flu has been shown to be resistant to 2 of the 4 antiviral medications on the market today (the other 2 have yet to be tested). No vaccine has been developed for this strain of Flu virus so currently the effects of the Bird Flu could be similar to those of the Black Death if it were to become rampant in the human population.

The virus that causes bird flu appears to be versatile and resilient. Scientists are working on a new vaccine that would be effective against the new strain of the virus that causes Bird flu. There are different subtypes and strains of the virus that causes bird flu, and some cause more severe disease than others. Results of the examinations for the H5N1 virus that causes bird flu are be announced later on Sunday, officials said.
Certainly the virus that causes bird flu could mutate so that it could be transmitted from human to human.

Of course some church goers with very strong immune systems will survive and still be able to work hard in our civilization and the weak will die. This means a better chance at the survival of social security for a few extra years, as there will be fewer people to take care of in the future or who will be collecting on there social security. Either way if there is a bird flu pandemic and you go to your Church, there is a good chance you will die or someone in your family. Best to stop going to Church now and save yourself.

If avian flu does spread to the UK, the best way to avoid contact with the viruses is to wear a mask over your nose and mouth when you are in crowded places. You also need to build up your immune system. These viruses are parasitic organisms, which need the warmth and protection of living cells to thrive and propagate. In an epidemic, the spread of the disease depends on the virulence of the organisms and the state of the immune system. Run-down bodies are more likely to get infected.

In the Americas the H5N1 bird flu watch begins in Alaska, where migratory birds from Asia mingle with American migratory birds. According to the most recent avian flu updates, the H5N1 virus has not been found in the Americas, but similar viruses have been reported in poultry in Texas and Virginia. The only confirmed human case in the United States was of a weaker strain and the individual worked for the USDA and was involved in testing, screening and handling birds. Flu watch programs in the United States include sending dead poultry for laboratory analysis and testing birds regularly for similar viruses.

Twenty-four hour access channels have warned of a coming pandemic that may arrive in the form of H5N1 avian influenza, more commonly referred to as 'bird flu'. The market for poultry products has decreased internationally because of a lack of consumer confidence in a safe supply.

The virus has been identified in 12 states, including the largest city, Lagos, as well as around the federal capital, Abuja, since it was first confirmed in Nigeria four months ago.

Tamiflu has been tested in a pre-clinical setting against a wide range of influenza virus strains. Despite the lack of clinical data, these pre-clinical findings provide reassurance that tamiflu is the best medicine against bird flu.

But if you dig further you will find that a drug was actually developed by a company called Gilead that 10 years ago gave Roche the exclusive rights to market and sell Tamiflu. Bird Flu Why Modern Medicine Wont Save Us
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